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Golf Coaching with longterm, german PGA Professional Lars in Switzerland, Lake Garda and other fantastic golf destinations.

Professional Golf since 2005, Golf Tradition since 1975

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Lars Tobias Küpper, born 26. Feb. 1984 Dortmund, Germany

Work experience:

2004 Military Service Air Force, Budel, NL + Köln, GER

2005 Royal St. Barbaras, Germany (Teaching Pro in A.)

2007 Indoor Golf BVB Stadium

2008 Golf Bogliaco, Italy (Teaching Pro)

2009 Marrakech, Marocco (Playing Pro)

2009 Paradiso d. Garda, Italy (Teaching Pro)

2014 Paradiso d. Garda + La Serenissima (Teaching Pro)

2015 Royal St. Barbaras, Germany (Administr. + Teaching Pro)

2018 Golf Bogliaco + Altogarda Golf, Italy (Tourism Consult. + Head Pro)

2021 Golf Club Schönau, Germany (CEO + Head Pro)

2022 Golf Club Brigels, Switzerland (Head Pro)



Education: Professional Diploma, Fully Qualified PGA Professional, German Olympics Sports Confederation C/B License, Psychological Consultant, Vitalcoach, International. Golf Manager


Languages: German, Italian, English, (French)

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Once a Golfer, Forever a Golfer