Lars golf bag is equipped with Geotech clubs and he works in collaboration with the golf brand Geotech since 2016.

Geotech is a leading Japanese golf components manufacturer based in Chiba, Japan. Established in 1988, Geotech has been producing their own original component golf heads, shafts and grips for over 20 years. Our goal is to bring golfers worldwide, the best performing golf clubs but at a reasonable cost.

Geotech prides itself in original cutting edge designs and industry leading quality control with these just a few examples of the lengths we take:

1. All club molds are made to Geotech’s precise specifications and all heads are meticulously checked and measured for advanced data like MOI, CG Angle, CG depth and distance as well as basic specs like loft, lie, face angle and weight.

2. Most grips made by Geotech can be provided with a less than 1g variance which is what we call our Pure Weight System.

3. We use a system called Geotech Flex to categorize our shafts. This allows us to fit our shafts not only by swing speed but also desired trajectory, swing style, tempo type and even desired feeling at impact.

All heads, shafts and grips are thoroughly tested for consistency and durability BEFORE mass production. We stand behind our club heads which are all warrantied against manufacturing defects and breakage.

Geotech’s main strengths in building great products also comes from its knowledge and experience in fitting customers and assembling golf club to exact individual specs as part of our daily business. We also make it a must to train all of our brand representatives and shops on reshafting and assembly to ensure quality work.

In Japan, Geotech golf clubs have been featured, reviewed and applauded by many of the top golf print magazines and online publications.