“Mens sana in corpore sano” or better “Corpore sano in mens sana”


ForeverInTheGame’s Professional Golf Coaching is based on the LTK Golf Concept. The three letters stand for the german words “Logik”, “Technik” and “Kunst” which means “Logic”, “Technique” and “Art”. The Coaching Concept with its holistic approach is represented by the Fully Qualified PGA Prossional Lars Tobias Küpper who coaches players of all skills for 15 years.


Analyze, explain, demonstrate.

Let’s make a plan together what to do to achieve your goals and how to implement them. Developing exercises to get a familiar movement with continuity follows.


A combination of Brain & Swing Coaching 


A combination of Brain - Swing- & Vital Coaching + Custom Fit 


A combination of Brain-  Swing- Vital & Shot Coaching + Custom Fit


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