I miss you as a person because you are something very special. A coaching lesson can give me a physical understanding. The time with you gave me a look at the essentials.

Many, many thanks for the stimulating and yet enjoyable golf lessons with you. I really enjoyed these three days in Bogliaco and I have a lot of motivation to stay fit and sporty even at my age.

Thank you for these exceptionally good, very helpful and informative teaching units.I was able to take some new ideas and drills with me and will consistently implement them at home.You convey a really special approach to avoid "mistakes" when "playing golf" in the future.

Completely inspired and quite frankly absolutely enthusiastic about playing golf again (I can't put it any other way), I would especially like to thank you for all the help over the two days. The physical illustration of the shot was important along with the video recording of my swing; and the approach of feeling the overall process of "punching" as playing and not having to / should / be able to hit was really impressing me. My thanks go especially in your direction, because curiosity and enthusiasm are a nice feeling. What you woke up: thank you very much for it!

Thank you again for the great intro to golf – your teaching methods and generally pleasant demeanour has all of us eager to come back to Golf Bogliaco and get further instruction.

I was very happy to learn golf better with you in a few hours. Your lessons were very helpful and I am convinced of the way you train, so I am sure that I will visit your golf club again.

The lesson today was great, very easy to understand - and the ball flies again. Even made friends with your really helpful computer!

I found the coaching to be great. It brought me a lot and gave me a new approach to the game. I thank you for that and I will be very happy to come back.

Thanks to you, Lars! I'm really good at the start with this "Feel the Clubhead"! Let's think of a bigger training story for the Golf Journal! (after training with the Feel It Stick)

Thank you for the nice and constructive hour! I liked it a lot. Got every ball on the track with the driver.

The easy training with the "swing putter" you developed, thank you again, made me safer overall.

So now it is official! You're a good one ... We both won our club championship net scores ...

Thank you again for the beautiful golf license course with you. I had a great time with you and learned a lot. I am glad that I decided to take the course with you on Lake Garda and I can only warmly recommend you.

I would like to thank you again for the great inspiring golf lessons! For me that was the key to golf, now I really enjoy it, the balls fly much better, it is now good for my health. Great thank you!

First of all, thank you very much for your intensive, very individual commitment with a concept that is very clear to me! I especially liked your committed, democratic interaction ...

Thank you again for your efforts. Despite the changes to our previous approach, it was a lot of fun and we will continue to do so.

Thank you so much!

The training was great. Its complexity and other philosophy were unknown to us but very plausible.

Were great days. I learned a lot and it was great fun.

Thanks for the mail and also for the highly efficient teaching. My wife produced excellent lofts yesterday and today. The balls have flown like rarely. It also applies to me that I perceive my golf game differently thanks to her educational approach.

Thanks for the tip with the thumb on the thumb point when positioning the body .... just WOW, works great.

I don't think any person could have got me to play golf better than you. In any case, I am convinced that I will stay tuned to implement what I have learned from you on the pitch with a lot of fun. You have not only learned to me to play golf, but also that one should see one or the other in life a little more relaxed ;-)

Lars has the infinite potential of patience!

Thank you again for the great feedback from the coaching session.I have never experienced this service before.My game has become very constant and the spread is much smaller!We are looking forward to our next stay at Lake Garda and will be in touch again.

Thanks to your infinite patience with me, I'm still there and finally it works better.

Nice to see that you post videos that take up the basics and lead to a different approach to the racket. Will certainly help me to visualize the punches better.

You are and will remain the one who inspired Nick for his sport in the long term and full of curiosity, thank you very much!

Thanks to you, I was able to become club master at -12. Just crazy!!! Thank you for the great cooperation.

Thanks for the interesting golf lesson today! There you can see it again: Pro comes from professionals!

In order to achieve both, I hope for the support of the best teaching pro of all. The very nice time in your academy has left its mark!

Class! I'll try that right away.

Good explanation!

Hello Lars! Good tips - the belly button really helps!

Very good exercise. I am currently also practicing on the "loop" inwards and will try this one time.

Very nicely explained! Easy to understand. Like all of your videos. Keep it up!

Well explained! Logical, comprehensible, the essentials highlighted. Learned something! Many Thanks !!

The profession already has thinking coaches who are not embarrassed to take care of the essentials in our sport and can now express this in images and sound. Successful clip and wish you the success it deserves!

Very cool video! :) Very nicely explained! Easy to understand. If I would still play, that would be an important tip for me ;-) As usual, another very good and feasible tip.